Duties and Responsibilities / Main Functions of HMIK

The main tasks and responsibilities of HMIK are:

Construction and maintenance of the basic network of hydrological, meteorological and air quality stations, organization of measurements and observations of elements and phenomena: hydrological, meteorological, agrometeorological and monitoring of environmental components, air quality, water and soil.

Research, processing, storage, exchange and reporting of hydrometeorological data and environmental data such as air, water and soil quality. Organization, maintenance and development of the accounting system, database observer and prognosis for performing hydrometeorological works.

Carrying out measurements, radar meteorological observations and performing systematic hydrometeorological measurements and surveys in river water streams in common cases and in cases of disorders and groundwater status.

Systematic monitoring and ascertainment of air pollution, atmospheric rainfall, surface waters and groundwater and the first water source. Study and prognosis of hydro-meteorological conditions, air pollution and warning of the occurrence of elementary hydrometeorological disasters.

Informing competent central and local institutions on forecasting and warning of weather and hydrometeorological phenomena, climate, surface and underground waters, as well as their impact on the biosphere.

Exploration of weather, climate and water changes caused by artificial impact as well as study of artificial action methods on weather, climate and waters.